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Login upload read chiari malformation new format pt information. cheap price viagra Pub (read-only) text version page 1 the walton centre nhs foundation trust lower lane, fazakerley liverpool l9 7jl tel: 0151 529 5511 fax: 0151 529 5500 for practical advice our patient advice and liaison service (pals) can be of assistance. Contact pals manager tony murphy on 0151 529 6100, email tony. Murphy@thewaltoncentre. Nhs. Uk or visit www. Thewaltoncentre. buy generic viagra using mastercard Nhs. Uk alternatively, log on to: www. Neurosupport. Org. Uk or call; 0151 298 2999 for advice and information for people with neurological conditions and their carers. Chiari malformation patient information produced by: sara kewin reviewed: december 2009 review date: december 2011 page 2 what is a chiari malformation? A chiari malformation (hindbrain hernia) is a developmental abnormality which affects the cerebellum. This part of the brain, lies at the back of the head, low down and at the top of the spinal canal. The cerebellum is divided into different parts, and the lowest tips are called tonsils. These tonsils have no function within the brain. In chiari malformation (hindbrain hernia) ,these tonsils "drop down" through the hole in the base of the skull which is called the foramen magnum. Buy cheap viagra This structure is funnel like, so becomes blocked by the hindbrain hernia, as it normally only allows the spinal cord to pass through. When the tonsils "plug" the hole (foramen magnum), the fluid which surrounds your brain and spinal cord is unable to flow freely. cheap viagra india The resulting pressure may affect functions controlled by the cerebellum and also block the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid (csf), the clear liquid which surrounds the brain and spinal cord, to and from the brain. Types of malformation there are four types of malformation, with type i and ii being the most common.. Type i involves the extension of the cerebellar tonsils, without involving the brainstem, usually first noticed in adolescenthood or early adulthood. It is the only one which can be acquired type ii involves the cerebellar tonsils and the brainstem tissue into the foramen magnum. Type ii is often associated with spina bifida due to general disruption of the development of the brain and spinal cord. Types iii and iv are rare , and although described in text books, they are not commonly seen in clinical practice. What does a hindbrain hernia cause? Cheap viagra next day delivery Hindbrain hernias tend to cause headache, pain at the back of the neck and head. This is often made worse on coughing, straining or sneezing. There may be symptoms of visual disturbance /blurred vision, problems with balance and coordination ,unsteadiness, problems with swallowing or voice, "funny turns" and possibly some altered sensation to the hands, arms and legs. How is it diagnosed? Your doctor will make the diagnosis from the symptoms you have , then you will undergo further testing. This may include xrays, ct scans or mri scans. This will give the neurosurgeon detailed information, which they will then discuss with you. viagra pill color How is it treated? buy viagra uk online If your consultant has diagnosed you with a hindbrain hernia (chiari malformation), this doesn't necessarily always mean you need to have surgery. This may only be indicated if the condition poses a threat to your life, or with serious disability. Page 3 if your consultant is concerned that your symptoms are significantly affecting your quality of life, or your symptoms become increasingly distressing, then they may discuss surgery with you.. You must decide in this instance if your symptoms are so bad you would consider surgery. The treatment, if successful , may resolve the headaches but should be seen as a procedure to prevent worsening of your neurological symptoms. Pain, limb weakness and sensory symptoms may not respond as well. Your neurosurgeon will discuss this with you. Also, more than one surgery may be required to treat the condition conservative management there are times when it is feasible to offer you non surgical management (conservative management). buy viagra online us This is often the case in uncomplicated hindbrain hernias. Your neurosurgeon will arrange regular follow up appointments and scans, with the option of surgery if your condition worsens. 4/ risk of swallowing problems due to bruising, swelling or damage to the nerves. 5/ voice hoarseness/vocal cord problems. 6/ risk of leakage of the fluid which surrounds the brain and spinal cord (csf). 7/ risk of infection, which includes mrsa and menigitis 8/bleeding or haematoma( collection of blood under the skin). 9/ risk of developing hydrocephalus (an excessive build up of csf in the brain) which may require further surgical treatment in the form of icp monitoring, shunt, insertion of external ventricular drain or third ventriculostomy. cheap price viagra For any of these interventions please see separate patient information. As mentioned, complications are rare. If you are worried about any aspect of your surgery, you will have the opportunity to discuss these prior to your surgery, following your admission to hospital. Are other conditions related to chiari malformation? Yes there are other conditions which are often linked to chiari malformation. cheap price viagra These can include; hydrocephalus, is an excessive build up of csf in the brain. when will generic viagra be available A chiari malformation can block the flow of the fluid pathway. This can occur with any type of chiari malformation. This would need to be treated prior to your chiari decompression. Syringomyelia, is a disorder in which a csf fluid filled tubular cyst, or syrinx, forms within the spinal canal. viagra prices compared Tethered cord syndrome occurs when the spinal cord attaches itself to the bony spine. viagra online store india This causes progressive stretching of the spinal cord resulting in damage to the muscles and nerves in the lower body and legs. viagra online pharmacy reviews Spinal curvature. Two types of curvature can occur in conjunction with chiari malformation: scoliosis (bending of the spine to the left or the right) and kyphosis (a forward bending of the spine).. National Office: PO Box 2331, Kent Town SA 5071
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